Testimonials & Reviews


“Giulio is a deep pianist with a beautiful sound”


                        Martha Argerich


“Giulio is a highly talented pianist with a brilliant technique and a refined musicality”


                      Pascal Rogè


“Potenza seems to explore new horizons with his album. He brings optimism to this music where many pianists approach it in a rather dark way”


“Giulio Potenza, autentico, sensibile e appassionato tanto nel grande repertorio con un Carnaval di Schumann fitto di accenti e chiaroscuri quanto nelle ricercate pagine di Janáček e di Medtner”


Paola De Simone, La Quinta Giusta

“Giulio Potenza ha conquistato il pubblico di Casa Mozart con un pianismo imponente, accompagnato da capacità analitica attenta sia alle polifonie nascoste sia alla componente lirica.”


“Giulio Potenza has captivated the Mozart House’s audience with an imposing piano performance, accompanied by an analytical capacity sensitive both to the hidden polyphony and to the lyrical component.”


                   Buongiorno Suedtirol


“Giulio is a great pianist with a wonderful control of the instrument”


           Gabriele Baldocci


“[…] your performace reflects the intelligence, insight, and musicality necessary for pursuing a career, and your playing, both in terms of technical skill and artistry, demonstrates the solid potential crucial to performance.”


Comment of the jury,
Bradshaw&Buono International Piano Competition of New York, 2016.