London Piano Concert:
Mists of Memory

Giulio Potenza London Piano Concert on the 18th of November

This London Piano Concert will feature pieces by the Romantic age composer Robert Schumann and from Leoš Janáček, a later composer inspired by Moravian and Slavic folklore, blended in a refined, unique style that defies categories.

❈ Mists of Memory ❈

Giulio Potenza Mists of Memory

London Piano Performance, 18th of November 2017

Posted by Giulio Potenza on Saturday, 15 October 2017


Robert Schumann and Leoš Janáček birthdates are divided by 44 years that witnessed profound history and art aesthetic’s changes. Despite that, their music reaches us nowadays with something preserved intact through time: a deep feeling of nostalgia and melancholia. A sense of longing for events that left their mark in a far, evermore unreachable past evoked in this London Piano Concert.

Bach/Busoni “Chaconne” (1717-1720) from the Partita for Violin opens the event with its dramatic notes from a distant Baroque age, idealised in this declamatory arrangement by Ferruccio Busoni.

Leoš Janáček, in his piano cycle “In the Mists” (1912),  scatters remembrances of his lost daughter, in cold and fast notes resembling icy Czech Winter gusts.

There will be a 10 minutes interval.

In the second part, Leoš Janáček recalls an innocent man killed during a demonstration, in his Sonata “From the street” (1905).

At last, Robert Schumann closes the recital with his “Carnaval” (1834-35), a series of fast and dazzling portraits inspired by the antique italian theatrical form called “Commedia dell’Arte”. Every piece/mask conceals one of Schumann’s friends personality (including Chopin’s) as he perceived it.

The programme of this piano recital is performed by the italian pianist Giulio Potenza (Palermo, 1990).
To find out more about the Piano Sonata “From the Streets”, and have a preview of the first movement, read the detailed blog article about it.

You can also compare these composers or find new ones on the interactive piano composers timeline.

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Giulio Potenza - Mists of Memory, London Piano Concert

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